//SC-125 Aluminum Granules

SC-125 Aluminum Granules

The aluminum granules produced by our company can be retailed or wholesaled, and can also be customized. We are China’s manufacturer of  aluminum granules. The company has various types of aluminum particles, welcome to visit and buy.


SC-125 Aluminum Granules are typically used in Epoxy casting resin systems to reduce shrinkage and enhance heat conductivity.  Generally, the most frequent use is with TC-1650 A/B and TC-1651 A/B hi-temperature aluminum powder filled epoxy casting system.

attention: Be sure to pre-mix resin and hardener prior to adding SC-125 Aluminum Granules.  SC-125 also provides a cost reduction when displacing resins in various casting applications.

SC-125 is only sold in increments of 25 pounds.  Please order accordingly.  If you have special requirements, please contact our customer service.

Product Sheets:

SC-125 Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Sheets:

SC-125 SDS


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