//High purity Aluminum Granules

High purity Aluminum Granules

The aluminum granules produced by our company can be retailed or wholesaled, and can also be customized. We are China’s manufacturer of  aluminum granules. The company has various types of aluminum particles, welcome to visit and buy.


Our Aluminum Granules are made of recycled Aluminum. These Aluminum Granules are great for caustic reactions as seen with caustic drain cleaner for example. The Aluminum Granules are 2mm and smaller in size.

Be sure to see our bulk discounts for certain quantity levels if you would like to save money per pound. If you are interested in making a very large order, please contact us directly for pricing and availability. All metal shipments come with a certificate of analysis. Atomic Number = 13 | Melting Point (F) = 1220.58 | Atomic Mass= 26.98 | Boiling Point (F) = 4566 | Density (g/cm3) = 2.70 |



Company Advantages:

1.We have many years manufacturing experience and we are the biggest manufacturer in Shandong.

2.We pay attention to the technical rechearch with1o technical engineers.

3.We produce the raw material by ourself which enables us to Control the raw  material quality.

4.We have many years international trading experience which enables us the supply the best service.

5.We have established good cooperation with homeland and abroad .


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